As a collector of Siku models I decided to open a special collection 'Siku made in Brazil'. After all, you can just go ahead and buy nearly all Siku models you want if only you have enough money. Collecting Brazilian Siku models, however, remains a true challenge as it is hard to find these models at all. This is because

- they were produced in far smaller numbers

- production closed quite a while ago, somewhere between 1988 and 1990

- there were not many collectors, so especially models in good condition are rare


With this web page I intend to establish an online catalogue containing as many variations of Brazilian Siku models as I know of - i.e. models I have or had once and models I have got pictures of.

If your collection contains variations I have not listed here I am asking you to help me complete this online catalogue - by letting me know about these models (including a picture), mailto

If you have models in better condition than the ones photographed here, I am also asking you to send me pictures of them , so I can include them in my homepage.


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